Industrial Furnaces and Heat Treatment

For many years, VULKAN has been a close partner to manufacturers and users of industrial furnaces worldwide. Our clients value the consistently high quality and reliability of our services as well as our experience with processing heat-resistant materials and their application in high-temperature atmospheres.

The manufacturing of original and spare equipment built of highly heat-resistant stainless steels has always represented a substantial part of our service portfolio. We hold a high degree of relevant knowledge and experience enabling us to design and assemble the components required by our customers. In many cases, we have managed to optimize equipment with regards to ist design .

Our qualified workers possess the highest degree of experience with the forming and welding of high-alloyed materials. Drawing upon a wide range of highly capable machinery and rigidly adhering to a variety of effective testing routines, those are processed to a multitude of appliances, containers and other pieces of special equipment. Based on the capacity of our facilities, we are able to assemble even the largests containers with unit weights of up to 50 tons.

In accordance with our philosophy, we support our customers with solutions to individual difficulties in the best possible manner and throughout the entire process. We join them in optimizing the equipment used in high-temperature atmospheres by improving appliaces’ design and/or altering the materials used for their building. Through combination of sheet metal and casted components resulting in “hybrid constructions”, we achieve superior characteristics regarding their stability and endurance.

Our expertise and the quality of our services are valued by industrial clients worldwide. We serve customers located all over Europe as well as in Asia and The Americas.

We offer a wide range of appliances, containers and special equipment for all types of industrial furnaces:

Batch and pusher furnaces

  • Charging racks and baskets
  • Casing, flame and jet pipes
  • Grids, fan wheels and vanes

Shaft furnaces

  • Retorts, cover lits and inner cylinders
  • Circulation ventilators, base plates (sheet metal and casting), charging supports

Bell furnaces

  • Heat-treatment bells
  • Convector discs, charging racks, furnace bases, diffusors, circulators and base grids

Continuous (muffle/channel) and swing furnaces

  • Annealing, hardening, brazing and sintering muffles
  • Conveyor belts, charging supports, swing furnaces and discs

Rotation furnaces

  • Torque tubes and inlay segments (sheet metal and casting)

Enameling furnaces

  • Cauterization and enameling racks, oval tubes