Stainless Steel Casting

Together with our long-term partners and based on a large stock of proprietary casting models, we offer our clients a wide range of casted goods made of high-alloy materials.

We have been a supplier of a multitude of casted parts to customers in various industries running heat-treatment applications. All components are made of heat-resistant materials and manufactured in dead-mould and centrifugal procedures. They are, among other applications, used in chamber furnaces, pusher furnaces, vacuum furnaces, conveyor furnaces and shaft-type furnaces.

Through processing and constructive combination with sheet-based components made of heat-resistant alloy materials, we design and build high-quality “hybrid constructions”. They hold superior characteristics regarding their form stability and durability in applications prone to intensive wear.

We offer, among others, the following components:

  • Furnace and stacking grids
  • Charging racks for all furnace types
  • Carrying racks for shaft-type furnaces
  • Charging baskets with mesh-wire coating
  • Kiln roller
  • Footing beams and lifting bars
  • Centrifugal-casting tubes for various applications
  • Fan wheels
  • Diffusers

We hold substantial experience regarding the use of casted special-alloy compenents in industrial heat treatment procedures and exclusively cooperate with proven suppliers who apply equally high standards to the quality and realibility of their products and services as we do ourselves.

Please inquire your individual demand with us. We look forward to any new challenge.