We build high-quality welded constructions on individual basis or as small series for application in industrial processing lines and in machine building.

In our own workshop covering more than 2.000 m², we host a dedicated team of professionals as well as a wide range of powerful machinery and technical equipment for the cutting and forming of sheet metal and the welding and mechanical processing of components and final constructions. Our products are used by numerous notable customers as initial or spare equipment in various industrial manufacturing and processing lines and applications, such as chemical processing, food production and industrial heat treatment, as well as machine and plant engineering.

Our qualified and experienced workers cut, form and weld sheet metal, pipes, profiles and casted components made of a multitude of mild and special steels. Goods include apparatuses, containers, tubes, channels and many other special constructions built based on customer specifications. Generous spatial, machine and crane capacities allow us to manufacture even very large components weighing up to 30 tons. Our qualified workers master all common welding applications and hold great experience in the processing of even the most demanding high-alloy steels.

The manufacturing process is performed in accordance with strict quality specifications and testing procedures which are frequently reviewed, optimized and certified. A high degree of vertical integration not only allows us to have maximum control over the building process but also to cater flexibly to our customer needs, even at short notice, while achieving great reliability with regards to determined deadlines. Our quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. Furthermore, we possess all relevant certificates for the building of pressure vessels and steel constructions (EN 1090).

You are looking for a capable partner able to live up to your high expectations of the quality of goods as well as the reliability of the services provided? Please contact us. We always seek new challenges.

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