As a certified welding specialist, we place the highest demands on welding performance in all our services. Flanked by welding engineers and experts, our experienced employees apply all manual welding procedures and handle even the most demanding materials securely and efficiently. By using semi-automatic processes, such as submerged arc welding, we achieve a consistently high quality and reproducible results as well as advanced economics of application.

Applied welding technologies:

  • Manual welding in MAG, TIG, MIG and MMA procedures
  • Semi-automatic submerged powder procedure

Our company and our experienced welders hold a multitude of TÜV certifications and work according to certified procedural guidelines using strict testing routines. Only the most modern equipment and high-quality welding consumables from leading manufacturers are available for implementation.

Cutting and Forming

A large contingent of high-quality processing equipment enables us to process even large-format sheets with a thickness of up to 35 mm, resulting in a high degree of vertical integration and the associated flexibility. In addition, we hold a large network of specialist partners supporting us whenever required.

Overview of our own sheet metal processing capacities:

  • Cutting: oxy-fuel table, guillotine shears, various automatic band saws
  • Round and conical bending: various sheet bending rollers (up to 5,000 mm and 35 mm thick)
  • Edges: CNC controlled press brake (up to 4,000 mm and 400 tons)
  • Beading rollers (up to 8 mm sheet thickness)


The capacities of our mechanical workshop enable us to turn a wide variety of components in single and small batch production. A strong network of qualified service providers in the fields of turning and milling allow us to purchase all further machining services as required.

Overview of our machining capacities:

  • Turning: various conventional and CNC-controlled lathes for component dimensions up to 1,600 mm in diameter and 6,000 mm in length


The effective approach to the solution of technical problems does not begin with production. We also support our customers in the planning and preparation of the eventual realisation and provide documentation of our services to the desired extent.

Overview of production-related engineering services:

  • Technical advice, modification and construction including static calculations and the design of pressure vessels
  • Creation of your own production drawings using modern 3D CAD software solutions
  • Technical documentation